September 25, 2023
Last month our ESG experts discussed WHY you should be looking at sustaina-bility-related topics for your business and highlighted the top 5 mis-takes companies make.
May 10, 2023
Did you know that if you are developing an Artificially Intelligent System (AIS) to collect and process personal data for advertisement, you will have to consider the rules on GDPR as well as the prohibition for targeted advertisements of minors based on the DSA?
April 9, 2023
We get it. In an ideal world, your business’ Terms & Conditions prevail, with no opposition from the other party. One T&Cs to rule them all. A dream, often confronted with the reality of a relentless battle of back-and-forth emails, where your legal department is on a mission to protect your business. But this scenario might be different now. How?
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