ESG Management

You want your company to create value for society, but also want to be as profitable as possible.​ You want to stay relevant in the long term without jeopardizing the short term.​We’ve got your back. We guide you toward the right sustainability strategy for your company. And take you from strategy to action to result.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues were once considered irrelevant to a company’s core strategy and operations. Nowadays they dominate discussions about how businesses can remain relevant in the years ahead.

But integrating sustainability into your business is not an easy task. You need so much expertise on different subjects that it’s difficult to find your way. To navigate the complexity and get the results you want, you need a partner you can rely on.

Let us be your guide.

Do you want to limit ESG to compliance with legislation and risk avoidance? Transform your business to achieve long-term sustainability? Or anything in between?

No problem.

Together, we will co-create a pragmatic solution tailored to your needs and goals.

ESG maturity scan

ESG maturity scan: is the starting point of your sustainability journey. Through this assessment, we evaluate the sustainability of your current practices and provide you with a roadmap for improvement. The scan results serve as the foundation for defining a comprehensive ESG strategy that aligns with your company’s goals and values.

ESG Strategy & Implementation track

ESG Strategy & Implementation track: takes your company from its current sustainability situation to the required and desired state. We help define your strategic priorities, KPIs and targets, and construct a project roadmap to reach those targets. We set up the appropriate governance to maintain control of the ESG program (processes, ownership, tooling, …), and give full support on your internal and external communication approach (incl. the integrated sustainability report). We start at a strategic level and move down to the actual implementation in an efficient and effective Do you need a partner to guide you through the entire process of setting up and implementing your sustainability strategy? Support with a specific challenge you’re facing (such as understanding legal requirements, policy drafting, or strategic change management)? We provide a tailored solution that meets your organization’s needs.

Sustainability Manager-as-a-Service

Sustainability Manager-as-a-Service, you have a dedicated sustainability professional by your side at every step of the journey. Whether you require a hands-on Sustainability Manager or an occasional sparring partner, our knowledgeable team is always available to support you. We provide expert guidance, practical insights, and tailored solutions to address your sustainability challenges and drive positive change.


Easy and effective sustainability

Translating your ESG strategy into an actionable and manageable roadmap is essential for successful implementation. Our unique combination of legal and compliance expertise, with extensive business and strategy implementation experience, allows us to effectively mitigate risks and identify opportunities in an easy-to-implement way.

The language of your business

Creating wide support for change and communicating internally are the most important elements when integrating sustainability. We speak the language of different departments, and we work to bring everything together for you.

Way beyond strategy

Where most companies stop at strategy, we go further. We have a deep understanding of how ESG should be implemented step-by-step, covering everything from strategy, roadmaps and governance to communication, data, tooling, and reporting. We ensure a smooth implementation every step of the way, making sure that your ESG goals are met with ease.

Do you want to limit ESG to compliance with legislation and risk avoidance? Transform your business to achieve long-term sustainability? Or anything in between?

We’ve got your back.

Together, we will co-create a pragmatic solution tailored to your needs and goals.

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