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We are a team of multi-disciplinary legal professionals bridging the gap between law & innovation.

Legile - our story

Who is LEGILE?

Welcome to LEGILE, your go-to destination for an alternative legal and compliance service provider based in the Belgian market. As a team of multi-disciplinary legal and compliance experts, we combine our profound understanding of the law with our technological proficiency to bring you innovative solutions.

What is our DNA?

Agile: We deliver results with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints due to the combination of our people’s expertise with in-depth knowledge of legal & compliance processes and fitting technologies,

Value Centric: We work result-driven and always deliver fit for purpose solutions for all your business-crucial legal & compliance needs.

Tech-Enabled:, Our solutions are backed by optimized processes, and embedded in third-party tooling, or custom-made solutions to accelerate and automate your legal and compliance workflows.


What do we offer?

At LEGILE, we’re not afraid to embrace the latest advancements in technology to revolutionize the legal and compliance landscape. We understand the power of innovation and how it can reshape the way you do business.


Our team of legal and compliance experts bring you 360° expertise , encompassing a wide range of expertise to address current, emerging and future legal and compliance developments.

Managed Services

we offer end-to-end managed services that turbocharge your legal and compliance workflows.

Technological shift

We prepare your legal and compliance teams for the technology shift introducing fit for purpose legal and compliance technologies.

What is our goal?

To provide you with open and transparent solutions that go beyond addressing your legal and regulatory needs. Together, we’ll co-design practical, fit-for purpose, and future-proof solutions that align seamlessly with your business objectives.
LEGILE - What is our goal?

Meet our managing partner

In the realm of legal tech innovation, Vincent Schoeters, recognized the need for digitalization to enhance his own practice and elevate his clients’ experiences. He embarked on a journey to adopt legal tech platforms, that seamlessly integrate digital files, empower clients with document management capabilities, and automate legal processes.

Thus, LEGILE was born, with the ambition to revolutionize the delivery of legal and compliance services by means of technology.

Despite launching just two months before the onset of the first lockdown in Belgium, LEGILE quickly adapted to the changing landscape of remote collaboration. Embracing the challenges presented by the economic climate, the LEGILE team harnessed their agility and innovation to continue providing performing solutions.

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