Digital & AI Management

Our multidisciplinary team of data analysts, privacy & security officers, and legal counsels support you in creating a competitive edge for your organization by solving questions like:

  • “how to use open source generative AI in a professional context”,
  • “how to explain different AI concepts”, 
  • “how to keep up with AI regulations”, or
  • “how to deal with adverse public perception about trusting AI”

We help you to define a digital and data strategy that can stand for technological development and will be an answer to all these queries.

Digital Strategy

We leverage our expertise in emerging technology areas to guide you through the complexities of regulations such as the AI Act, Data (Governance) Act, Digital Services Act, Medical Devices Regulation, European Health Data Space Act, and more. We transform these regulations into practical compliance measures that have minimal impact on your business operations.

Data Strategy

We assist you in safeguarding your organization’s information assets and harnessing the power of your data. We collaborate with you to define a robust data architecture and establish effective data management practices that are consistent and compliant. By developing a long-term data strategy, you can unlock new insights from your existing data sets while mitigating potential legal risks.

AI Compliance & Ethics

We provide comprehensive support in developing compliant AI systems. We analyze the impact and risks associated with AI technologies for both end-users and your organization. Based on our assessment, we make recommendations to mitigate risks and ensure ethical practices are integrated into your AI solutions.

AI awareness campaigns

We help you develop informative and engaging campaigns for your employees. We specifically focus on the use of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, and others. By increasing awareness among your team members, we empower them to understand the potential risks associated with these technologies and make informed decisions


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