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Become a leader by changing the way you work.

At Legile we believe that transforming your legal operations is about technology empowering talent and sourcing expertise in a totally different way.

Discover your opportunities

Imagine a new way of working and free yourself from time consuming workflows.

We standardize and automate your processes in an intelligent way.
Choose one of the modules below and accelerate your digital transformation now.

Value Discovery Workshop

Value Discovery Workshop

Discover your automation potential

Together, we identify those workflows that can be automated and provide the maximum possible value to your team and business stakeholders.

Legal Maturity Assessment

Legal Maturity Assessment

Full audit of your legal operations

A full audit of your legal operations in which we assess its processes, software integrations and applications.

Pilot case

Pilot Case

Your runway to a tailor-made application

A clear idea of which workflows can be automated? Within less than 5 weeks we deliver a fully-tested, production-ready application.

Need an extension of your team to accelerate legal and compliance?



Data protection and information security is a must have when it comes to navigating your organization through these data-driven times. Our team of experts can guarantee you full privacy compliance.



Financial compliance has become the number one priority in strongly regulated business environments. Legile’s skills and knowledge can be plugged in at any time and pace, according to your workload.



Protection of your IP and software becomes more and more important. We provide you with in depth guidance in all flexibility leveraging our digital experience within the Cronos’ group.