Privacy & Security as-a-Service

In today’s digital landscape, ensuring the protection of personal and sensitive data and complying with privacy regulations is of paramount importance. That’s why it is crucial for businesses to partner up with trusted privacy and security experts. With our proven record of working with various companies in the health, advertisement, financial and transportation sector, we offer a range of comprehensive solutions designed to elevate your privacy program and safeguard your organization’s reputation.


GDPR Maturity Assessment: We evaluate your privacy compliance levels, enabling us to identify areas for improvement and establish priorities. This assessment serves as the groundwork to set up a roadmap to enhanced privacy compliance.


Privacy Management Platform: We configure and implement a fit for purpose privacy management platform, taken into account your business’ requirements, granting you centralized and secured access to relevant information, documentation and registers. We assist you in safeguarding your organization’s information assets and harnessing the power of your data. The platform also provides you with real-time insights into your privacy operations, so you will be able to mitigate any risks.


Data Protection Officer: We can fill the role of DPO for your organization, whatever your sector. Fast, scalable, and professional. And because we are independent, we can advise your organization objectively. For a fixed amount per month, you have not only a certified DPO at your disposal, but all our tools and templates too. Through your DPO, you also have access to all their colleagues’ expertise.


Privacy Awareness Session: Empowering your employees with the knowledge they need to protect personal data and respond effectively to potential threats.


Strengthen Data Strategy and Security
Enhance compliance levels
Effective Handling of Data Subject Requests and Data Breaches
Minimize risks

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